Forget everything you think you know about diet and exercise!  

The 21-DAY Transformation Program is a combination of working out in short bursts of high intensity exercises with strength training and balancing your eating habits for a faster and easier way to burn fat and inches in only 21 days. Guaranteed!  

There are NO GIMMICKS and this is NOT A DIET. Our coaches are dedicated to helping you reach your strength and sustained weight loss goals. Our method is a tried and true formula to help people just like you shed unwanted pounds and get the lean body you’ve always wanted.  

Space is limited and we can only offer this program to those of you who are ready and willing to make a difference today. Are you ready to dedicate 21 days to burning as much fat as you can? Our 21 DAY TRANSFORMATION Program WORKS and the results speak for themselves. Don’t miss your chance to make a POSITIVE CHANGE IN YOUR LIFE. Reserve your spot today!  

Here is what you get:

  • Starting Point and Planning Session to ensure your success

  • Complete Meal Plan  
  • 21 Days of carefully constructed workouts designed to accommodate all fitness levels, to push you just hard enough, but also make you feel confident and safe, knowing you're not going to get hurt  
  • 21 Days of fun team workouts with fellow participants. You'll never feel intimidated or discouraged  
  • Deep discounts on 21 days of the Right Supplements to help you lose body fat, build muscle, increase energy and feel great  
  • Access to prepared meals that fit the bill and take all the thinking out of the equation. Fresh food done for you, minus all the garbage that you'll find in processed foods  
  • 21 Days of access to the best fitness professionals, motivation and accountability. Great coaching makes all the difference  
  • Team Stretch - For recovery, restoration and improved mobility  
  • Private Facebook community to get lots of support and all of your questions answered

Optional add-on includes:

  • Personal Strength Training Sessions every week to help you see changes in your body faster  
  • Make it a 30 Day experience with 9 extra days added to your New Year's Transformation

The key to your fat loss is your Unlimited Metabolic Team Training workouts. Combine these workouts with the optional Personal Strength Training sessions, and speed up your fat loss. We'll design your program around YOUR schedule so you can easily fit the workouts into your busy day.  

We'll take the guesswork out of nutrition and eating. Your meal plan features realistic and tasty menus and you'll get plenty of guidance from your nutrition coach.  

Whether you are starting exercise for the first time, getting back into a routine, or looking to kick your current workouts up a notch, this program is for you. We have had incredible success with folks of all ages and all fitness levels. 

  Our participants who recently completed their 21 days are well on their way to real, positive change and long-lasting health. It doesn't take long to notice a difference.

See What They Have to Say: 

"After just 7 days (5 days workout, 2 days recovery), my pants feel looser, my chest and arms feel tighter, but the most noticeable thing? I have two artificial knees and C5-C7 cervical fusion in my neck.  

Just after 7 days I can get up and down off the floor with little problems at all and have more range of motion with my neck! I have more energy at work. I work outside 75% of the day in the heat or cold. I'm an industrial electrician, oldest guy in my shop, climb ladders and work at heights.  

After just one week on the Transformation I'm having no problems keeping up with the young guys! Thanks to the trainers! You guys rock!!"

"So, driving home from Orlando with my husband this past summer, I saw the challenge on Facebook. I had seen it before, but this time it popped up when I really needed it to. We were heading home from the hospital after what had been a real health scare...That day I realized it was time for me to do something. It is so easy to turn to food for comfort. Trust me I know.  

So, I'm thinking about our crisis and all the what-ifs of the year ahead and I opened my phone and went to Facebook and there was the challenge. This time I read success stories and looked at pictures. Bam! I need this. I need this for me.  

So, I asked my husband to stop when we got off I-95. That was the hardest part. Walking in the front door. I met with some Club Performax Team members. They were awesome and explained everything to me and got me set up. And here I am, doing it! I am really starting to feel terrific!  

Can't wait to meet my new muscles! Club Performax is really a different kind of gym. I do not feel out of place, as a matter of fact, I feel 'in place' for the first time. People here are so supportive and go out of their way to help you and to know you. (Shredding it!)"

"I was so happy with my results from week one!!! Definitely feeling stronger everyday. It was easier to tackle some major up/down gardening duties the other day in half the time it would have taken me two weeks ago.  

Now, at the midway point I'm really excited I made this commitment to start getting healthier and stronger. At 63 with 2 grandbabies, I want to do everything I can to be here for a long, long time!!! My family has been trying to get me off the couch for years! I've neglected taking care of me! I'm one of those who has generally put everyone else first. Other weight loss programs don't see me keeping the weight off permanently like I would want...The Performax coaches have been great, picking up on my strengths and weaknesses, especially with my shoulder issue. They make sure I get the right instruction and workout for improving it along with the rest of my 'bod'.  

I'm excited I've made the decision to keep moving forward in the months and years ahead and I have to give the trainers a lot of the credit for that. I've noticed better flexibility, more energy and a general healthy feeling in such a short time, I can't wait to see how this progresses! Thank you to all the trainers helping me to get shredding! And for listening and being so encouraging with your daily emails and the Facebook group."

My coaches and I look forward to spending the upcoming "" New Year's Transformation"with you. I'm confident you'll be inspired not only by just the right amount of motivation, support and accountability from us, but equally by the community created in the club....People like you, with similar struggles and goals, fighting along side you every step.  

This proven program will work for you. Our goal is to make sure you reach yours. If you are ready to give it your all, we won't let you fail, you have my word.  

Rod Stewart  

Owner, Club Performax  

Fit Feels Good!